An Account of the Flood by Kat

The day of the flood, I was in my house sleeping, when I got woke up by the sound of my aunt yelling at me, saying, "There's water flooding the streets!" Everyone in my house rushed to get all of our important things from the downstairs to the upstairs. The water was rising quickly. We got most of our valuables, then we had to figure out where we would go.

Who was in my house at the time?--my grandma, my aunt, her two kids, her mother-in-law, and me. Luckily our cousins lived right up the road so we quickly got the little kids up there, then got our pets and more of our things out of the house.
Shortly after we got done, the water had risen way higher. I saw people stuck in their homes with their pets. I had also seen people riding jet skis and canoes in the flood water so they could get somewhere safe.

The water had filled at least the first floor of my house, so we had lost many of our things. We weren't worried about things so much as making sure everyone was safe.

I had to help my one friend Lindsey get her dogs and cats out of her house because they were stuck on the second floor. Lindsey lived right around the corner from me, so it was easy for her to find someone to help her. When I went over to her house, the water was in the first floor up to my waist like almost every other house in that area.

At first I didn't want to go in there because the water was nasty; all brown, it smelt like someone forgot to take their garbage out for about a month. I knew she would do the same for me so I went in anyways.

Lindsey had one dog named peek-a-boo but everyone just called her Peek. Lindsey had three cats but I don't remember their names because they were never inside. Going in that house, walking through the water, was the most disgusting thing ever, but when we finally got upstairs her animals were all in the same spot, in her grandma's room on the bed, looking so cute but also scared.

Knowing that I helped save her pets made me really happy. Her dog was like family to me too. When we walked down the stairs with them in our arms and got into the water, they started to freak out. Lindsay and I got scratched like crazy by her pets but we finally got them out and that's all that mattered.