Paleotechnology; making fire with friction sticks by Justice Crawn

~  In order to have a high chance to make a fire you need to make a bow.

~  To achieve the bow, you tie raw deer hide rope to a decent length stick, self tightening loop knot. If you don't have the rope you can use a 550 parachute cord or a shoe lace.

~  Once the bow is ready, you place your spindle into the hide rope and use a back and forth sawing action to create the ember on the fire board.

~  You place a rock on top of the spindle while rubbing it to apply a downwards force, creating friction at the top concentrating friction at the bottom where fire is being created.

~  once an ember is created, you put it in a tinder nest; we used dried nettle, the inside bark of cedar scraped to be fluffy, sap from pine cones.

~  Blow in the tinder nest on the ember to create fire.